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Helping small to medium organizations accelerate their reopening process and thrive in the new world

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    Step 1

    Prepare your Workplace

    Review your sanitation and disinfectant practices, insurance policies, and redesign your business layout to create a productive and safe workplace in compliance with social distancing best practices and guidelines.

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    Step 2

    Prepare your Workforce

    Help make your employees and customers feel more at ease. Social Space provides proprietary research and insights to help your customers and employees feel healthy and safe moving forward

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    Step 3

    Manage in the New World

    The dynamics of the workplace are forever changed. Learn how to optimize your remote workforce and help managers drive team collaboration to increase your productivity and lower costs.

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Stay updated

Stay updated

Cut through the clutter with our AI software that will block out irrelevant information and stay updated on the latest guidelines and best practices based on your county and industry.

Keep everyone healthy

Keep everyone healthy

Keep your employees and customers healthy by following the best practices and make your employees feel more comfortable and safe when returning to work.

Reduce your risk

Reduce your risk

Create a culture of awareness and compliance to protect yourself from potential liability by following the regulations and best practices.

Understand your customer

Understand your customer

Stay on top of the latest customer and employee sentiment by accessing our proprietary experience reviews that highlight what makes your customer feel safe and comfortable.

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